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Basic, conventional Oil   $29.95
Full Synthetic Oil $54.95
                      Synthetic Blend Oil $49.95                       
      Mobil 1 Full Synthetic Oil $69.95        
                 High Mileage oil $42.95                   
     5 quarts and 16 Point Inspection Included     
                         Free Exterior Car Wash Included                



 Squeeky Kleen CouponsSqueeky Kleen Car Wash & Lube offers a variety of maintenance services including oil changes.  Fast and reasonably priced, a Squeeky Kleen oil change helps to insure that your car continues running at peak performance.

All of our oil changes come with a FREE CAR WASH, 5 quarts of standard motor oil and a 16 point safety inspection.  If we find any problems we'll alert you to them and, at your direction fix them on the spot!

Did you know that you can save $3.00 just by sending us an email to let us know that you are on your way?

We also offer the following:

Automatic Transmission Service.....$32.95
Drain and fill

Automatic Transmission Filter, Gasket & Fluid Service.....$59.95

Manual Transmission Service.....$32.95
Drain and fill

Front Differential Service.....$29.95

Rear Differential Service.....$29.95

Transfer Case Service.....$29.95

Radiator Drain & Fill.....$59.95


Fuel Injection Service.....$69.95

Engine Flush.....$79.95

Brakes - Synthetic Front Differential.....$39.95

Brakes - Pads Synthetic Rear Differential.....$39.95

Brakes -
Rotors A/T Multi-Vehicle Trans Fluid.....$58.95

Brakes -
Calipers Tire Rotation.....$19.95 (and up)

Serpentine Belt Replacement

Light Bulb Replacement

Battery Replacement

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